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After taking my 3 year old daughter to my own dentist where she refused to sit on the dental chair, I took her to Dental Care 4 Kids for the first time. The staff was very friendly. The staff then took us to the dental room and my daughter did not want to go anywhere near the dental chair. After asking us some history, the dentist came in. She was very nice and friendly. I really don’t know what happened but a few minutes later, my daughter was able to let the dentist examine her mouth and count her teeth. The dentist told us she did well for her first time and suggested for us to come back in 3months to see if we could try to clean her teeth. She also showed us how to brush and floss at home. On the way home, my daughter kept reminding me to take her back. I am so happy my daughter is not afraid of the dentist anymore.

My son had to have a filling done…he is extremely needle phobic and has special needs…EVERYONE in the office is amazing and the dentist did such a great job with his first visit experience having nitrous oxide to get him through it. It is such a huge relief for us to not have to take him to the hospital to go under general anesthesia for his dental work. I highly recommend Dental Care 4 Kids…You guys ROCK!!!

Derek’s Mom,

We went to Dental Care 4 Kids because our dentist could not perform the work on our children. The reception area is very inviting and the kids love getting to play video games before their appointment. My kids are very comfortable with the staff and the dentist performs work on kids much better than the regular dentist.

Colby & Cate’s Mom,

The staff was very patient with my daughter. They explained each part of the procedure. Previously my daughter had been anxious and unable to complete the treatment. I was very happy with the time they took in making my daughter feel comfortable.

Emily’s Mom,