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As a pediatric dental practice, Dental Care 4 Kids provides specialized services for infants and children, including:


Infant Dental Care
We provide parents with the knowledge and skills to keep their baby’s mouth in optimal oral health.


Pediatric Dental Care
We cover all areas of dental care for children: consultations, regular dental examinations, preventive services (dental sealants, fabrication of sports guards), routine dental treatment (fillings and baby root canals, extractions), emergency dental treatment, and space maintenance and guidance.


Digital X-Rays
Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation your child is exposed to. After being uploaded to our computer, they also provide a fun way to discuss oral care with your child.


Trauma Management
In the case of accidents that harm the teeth or severe tooth decay, we provide a range of treatment options that restore full functionality and enhance the appearance of your child’s smile.


Behaviour Management
As certified specialists in pediatric dentistry, we are fully trained in a wide range of behaviour management techniques that will help your children become comfortable and confident enough to complete their dental treatment. These techniques include (but are not exclusive) to: Tell-Show-Do, Positive Reinforcement, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, Oral Sedation, and General Anesthesia.