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Fees and Payment

We understand, as parents, you want to start your child on the correct path to good oral health.  We would love to be the office that helps your child accomplish this goal. We also understand you would like to know about the cost of your child’s treatment. Our office uses the paediatric dental specialist fee guide, which is slightly higher than the general dentist fee guide. Here are some facts that will give you an understanding of what makes our office different from many others.

Board-Certified Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry

Only board-certified dental specialists are to use dental specialist fee guide. Most dental offices are general practice. This means that the dentists in those offices graduated from dental school and treat a variety of patients. All general dentists have some training in treating children, just like a family doctor. There are over 8000 general dentists registered in Ontario. Less then 200 dentists in Ontario are registered specialists in pediatric dentistry. The dentists at Dental Care 4 Kids are specialists in pediatric dentistry. This means that they trained an additional 3 years in dental school with a focus on treating children only. Think of us as the pediatrician for your child’s mouth.

We know from many of our existing patients that our office is really a special place for kids and hope that you make Dental Care 4 Kids your child’s dental home

Missed Appointment Fees

We also charge for appointments that you book, but don’t attend, or cancel without sufficient notice. You will be billed $75 per half hour of appointment time reserved. This is to balance the cost of having the office open, and staff paid while no work is being done. We do everything we can to remind you of the appointments, from multiple phone calls to email and text messages, but you are ultimately responsible for attending the appointment, or cancelling with sufficient notice. For this reason we do not book appointments for you without your expressed consent.

Dental Insurance

We are a non-assignment office, which means  patients with dental insurance are responsible for paying their accounts to our office directly and later will be reimbursed by their dental plan. Our office staff are happy to help you when it comes to your dental insurance.  We are always more than happy to help you submit your insurance, either electronically, or by helping you fill out the necessary paperwork. We will send an estimate of the treatment to your insurance so that you have an idea of how much will be covered. Please keep in mind these are only estimates and things can change while your child is in the chair that may change your treatment plan, and therefore the estimate we have given you.


Our office is able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash. We do NOT accept personal cheque.