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About Us

A Few Words About Us

Our mission is:

To provide an environment in which children of all ages can receive dental care in a caring and friendly manner.


To assist children of various anxiety levels to complete their required dental treatment in a manner that will set them on the path to building a trusting relationship with their dental team.


To provide the care of the highest quality for each child that is seen by our dental team.


We are trained to help children overcome fear and anxiety, and we will work closely with you, as parents, to ensure that your child has a positive experience at every dental visit.

Our dedicated and friendly staff work as a team to help your child reach their treatment goals. Out team especially loves working with children who may be timid or anxious. It warms our hearts when their attitude towards dental care turns into a positive experience.

We are all kids at heart and welcome your family to our office.


What We Offer


Behavior Management.
Part of our training as pediatric dental specialists includes child psychology and behaviour management. We use several behaviour management techniques.


Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care.
We cover a wide range of dental care for children: consultations, regular dental examinations, preventive services, routine dental treatment, emergency dental treatment, and space maintenance and guidance.


Digital Radiography.
Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation your child is exposed to. After being uploaded to our computer, they also provide a fun way to discuss oral care with your child.


Trauma Management.
In the case of accidents that harm the teeth or severe tooth decay, we provide a range of treatment options that restore full functionality and enhance the appearance of your child’s smile.


Infant Dental Care.
We provide parents with the knowledge and skills to keep their baby’s mouth in optimal oral health.